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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

The future of my dreams.

Because I am looking forward to change places and towns soon, I was looking for some inspiration for my new home. Please enter my future:
I like it really much when you have enough space to have many pictures in frames in your hallway.
In the future I want to have a flat in an old building (in German: Altbauwohnung) with stucco and a wooden floor.
I love these kind of dolls on the right.
Having picnic in the living room, great!
I just love these flowers in summer. Do not need a perfectly mown lawn.
A swing in the garden. Oh my dreams would come true.
And of course all my friends visit me. I like it very much having my friends around me - in my apartment, garden, roof top or everywhere.

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  1. das hätte ich auch irgendwann gern alles. vor allem natürlich den hund im letzten bild ;)


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