the rabbit with a green bow

Freitag, 16. September 2011

The Rabbit says hello.

Inspiration is a key component in life. It makes the world more colorful, interesting and exciting. Texts and photos take a decisive role. They open the way to our own hearts and let us empathize with others’ feelings. We strum twice with the wings and we are already there. Where there is only star dust and we still caught in the dilemma of our lives. We take the pen in the hand and present the portfolio of our hearts. Writing: simple? Yes. A crazy idea: photography. See, succumbing to the feelings, far away and yet clearly located in one place. Happiness – we are in the process.

Hello! My name is Claudia. Have fun!

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  1. Hello World! I like this blog – chocolate milk and marzipan, too! :-) Enjoy blogging and get many followers soon.

  2. Merci! Und überhaupt ganz lieben DANK!

  3. So ein hübscher Blog! Die Fotos sind so fröhlich! Wir brauchen mehr von so was im Leben!


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