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Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

A day in Leipzig.

    Yesterday I made a trip to Leipzig to visit some friends. It was such a lovely day with talking,  
    walking, watching, eating and drinking.
    At the main station in Leipzig I saw this wonderful tulips and had to take a photo. It absolutely
    looks like spring!
    We went to a café called "Café Central". They have much bio-food. Great stuff I think.
    I had chocolate milk. What else!
    Carrot-ginger soup.

    The interior is great. There you find many different lamps.
    For lunch/dinner we went to a japanese restaurant.
    I had "Ramen" with coconut milk, some vegetables, coriander and peanuts.

    After our delicious meal we had a little walk through the town and went to the cinema to watch
    the French film "Ziemlich beste Freunde" (Intouchables). After the movie, we had a short stop in an
    English pub and then it was time to go home by train. Unfortunately, I am ill now - a cold, AGAIN.



  1. Gern geschehen ;)

    Ach, ich liebe Tulpen, meine absoluten Lieblingsblumen. Und in Leipzig bin ich auch öfter, weil mein Freund daher kommt, aber im Central waren wir noch nie, müssen es mal ausprobieren :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Du musst mir verraten, wo du so schön essen warst! Wenn ich mal wieder in Deutschland bin und dann hoffentlich all meine Freunde in Leipzig besuche (falls es dann nicht mehr Jena ist), will ich da hin :)


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