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Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

My list of 2011.

Was the year the way you´ve expected it?

Yes and no. I am absolutely happy and proud that I finished my studies that well. I have never expected that. Actually, I wanted to live and work in Stockholm since November this year. But it has not happened yet. And honestly I do not know if it will happen. I am a little bit sad... But in general I am satsified and very happy that I have everything what I need.

Four events that have been good this year:

1. Each passed exam and at the end my graduation in June.
2. My blog opening In September.
3. My photo-shooting for my applications with Jeanne

4. My Christmas party was really great.

Three events that have been worse this year:

1. My aunt died because of cancer.
2. That I´m still living in Germany and not in Stockholm.
3. That I still have not find another job that fits better to my education, skills and interests.

What have you learned this year?

That my family and friends are the best and that I can rely on them.

Did you do anything this year that you've never done before?

I made a boat trip through Hamburg with my friends. It was just perfect!

What is the most beautiful thing you got this year? 

I like all my Christmas presents. But it´s always nice to receive presents and therefore all gifts are beautiful. I also loved all my Christmas cards and calendars which I got for Christmas time.

What clothes did you use most? 

My blue skirt in summer.

My black suede shoes and blue coat in autumn and winter (I already bought my coat in London in 2009, but still love it.)

What was your biggest success in 2011? 

My graduation. I have never expected that it would be so good.

Best buy?

My blue skirt.

For what you spent the most money?

For food I think.

What was the best you´ve read?

I had to read so, so much for my studies. Fortunately, most of it was very interesting. In addition, I loved my Swedish book. In April I started to learn the language and it was fun to go through the chapters and to understand more and more.

What did you do on your birthday in 2011?

Unfortunately, I had my final exam at my birthday. My parents picked me up after my exam and we drank coffee and ate cake. In the evening some friends visited me and we had a little party.

Got the list from Sandra. Thank you!


Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Annett, Corinna and Marianne.

The same procedure as every year. Every year after Christmas my very good friends Annett and Corinna visit me in my parents house. To see each other in this constellation is very seldom. I am so happy to have these girls. We know each other since school times and therefore they are my best friends. It does not matter for how long we have not seen because from the first second we meet again it´s like in school days. Sometimes it really hurts the body that I can not see the girls so often but that´s how life goes.
    This wonderful present I received from Corinna.
    Corinna and Annett.

    Corinna gave to me this really nice Christmas tree ball.

                             Santa brought Annett those socks. I think she was really happy with her present.

    I think these are the world´s best stamps. So cute!
    I showed my photo album from 1998. In this year we made a class trip to Italia. Oh we laughed a lot
   - then and now.
                             Let me introduce you to Marianne. That was my gift to Corinna. It´s a mannequin
                             which I bought at work.


Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Things I like in December.

    I like this picture very much. It think it looks a bit old fashioned. Here you see nice things that you can  
    put on your Christmas tree.

                             Just beautiful!

This is the trailer for "The Hobbit" by Peter Jackson. It will be released in December 2012. The "Lord of the rings" triology was also released in December. Three years in a row I was fascinated. I think that stories like "Lord of the rings" fit together perfectly with December and Christmas because this time of the year is full with fairy tale feelings.
    Looks like a snow bunny?! Rabbits I love all over the year!
    I love snow (not only in December). But where is it this year?
    And of course I like Christmas trees and presents. Christmas time is a cozy time. You can meet friends   
    you have not seen for a long time and spend time with the family.

Source pictures 1 2 3 4 5


Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

25. and 26. December in pictures.

    And here we start. It´s Christmas time!
                              This is what I looked like on 25. December. I think that I look terrible on photos most
                              of the time. Therefore you will find only some of me in the blog.
    For lunch we had duck with dumplings.
                              On 26. December my sister with her family visited my parents.
    In the afternoon it was time for gifts. My nephew was really excited...
                             ...and my niece, too.
    Then it was time to play with the model railways from my Dad. (Santa has brought a
    drill to my nephew. I think this was the best present for him.)
    Jeremia is dreaming a bit...
    There is always so much to discover.
                             My niece has so nice hair.
                             Every time I see her I am a bit jealous.
    Oh what´s this?
    Alice in Wonderland of course.
    We had apple pie in the evening.

For me Christmas was great like every year. I am a bit sad that time passed by so fast. But next year there will be Christmas again ;)


Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

I have a gift for you.

    About two weeks ago I packed up the presents for my family and friends. Here you see some of them.


Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

23. and 24. December in pictures.

Hello and welcome to my days of Christmas. I already want to start with 23rd December because I did not work and had free time.
    On 23. December of course, of course I watched Alice in Wonderland and ate my last chocolate
    apple in this year.
    In the evening I met up with my very good friends Annett and Stephan. It was so great to see them
    again! Annett gave to me a wonderful present: a book for recipes, a notebook and belgian chocolate.
    Stephan gave to me a very nice self made Christmas card. Thank you!
                              Annett wanted to be Pope.
    The restaurant were we met was beautifully decorated. Very cozy and warm with Christmas music.
    And here we are: Christmas Eve!
    For lunch we had a delicious soup. I could die for soups. My mom makes the best ones.
    In the evening we had raclette with many things as you see. And there were almost more.
    We watched "Der Haustyrann"(1959) with Heinz Erhardt. I love his acting and simple humor.
                              This is what I looked yesterday. My new green dress...
                             ...and my gold and glittering Christmas bow.

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