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Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Finally snow.

    On Saturday Franzi, Ann and I went out for a walk because we had snow! Finally!

    We walked through the woods.

    It was a fairy tale feeling.
    I like this picture of Franzi very much.
    "Hello" three times!

    This is my new bag which I bought at Urban Outfitters in Hamburg.


Montag, 30. Januar 2012


    Have a look at her blog. It´s awesome.


Hamburg. Day three.

                              Friday was my last day in Hamburg. Leti and I had our last breakfast with muesli and  

    Leti is obsessed with Vogue. Great passion ;)
    Alice in Wonderland.
    We had snow in Hamburg!
    I bought "some" things. It´s so good to go shopping in good shops. Where I live at the moment it´s
    nearly impossible to buy nice things and clothes.

    I had a little walk before I had to leave the town. Goodbye Hamburg!

Also see day 1 and day two in Hamburg.


Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Hamburg. Day two.

                             Ready for the day and new tasks.
    On Thursday I had lunch with Leti at the Alsterhaus. We had carrot pumpkin soup with antipasti and

    In the evening I made another stop at the Alsterhaus and had cheese cake and chocolate milk. I
    needed a break because my feet were tired from walking. There you have a wonderful overview as
    you can see.

    And I walked and walked.
                              Later that day I was back at Leti´s home. In her apartment she has so many great little
                              Many details.

    At night we had dinner at a little nice Italian restaurant.
    I had a pizza with arugula and shrimps.

    Here you see my first day in Hamburg.


Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Hamburg. Day one.

    On Wednesday I went to Hamburg by train to do some job things and to visit my good friend Leti.

    In the evening we had dinner with Spanish Tortilla de patatas!

    Leti makes the best ones. It´s a very simple dish but very tasty and fast to cook.
    You only need potatoes, eggs and oil.

                             We also had some salami and tomato salad.

    Leti and her boyfriend have a clock for every town they lived in.
    For dessert I had an original Spanish chocolate polvorón (it´s a type of heavy, soft and very crumbly   
    Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk and nuts). Delicious. In general I love the Spanish food    

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