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Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

„Früher war mehr Lametta“ ("In the past there was more tinsel" – actually not translational)- an outstanding German writer, comedian and illustrator said Goodbye

Loriot (Bernard Victor (Vicco) Christoph Carl von Bülow) died at the age of 87 on August 22th, 2011. He leaves numerous sketches, illustrations, cartoons and lots of wonderful characters and funny quotes which will never be forgotten.
What makes his work so attractive? It is the simplicity of his language and the things he makes to the subject of his work. Nobody brings a typical German word like "carpet" to better advantage or makes a roulade to the main part of a sketch. And it does not matter whether you read this magnificent piece of German language art in book form or let it flicker across the screen.
There are the ordinary things of life that can probably can happen to any of us. Mr. von Bulow tried, for example, in the second episode of his TV Edition, to straighten a crooked picture. Unfortunately, not with a convincing success, because then the entire room is devastated. Not to mention the discussion of the cooking time of the egg for breakfast or the question of the appropriate wardrobe. It is not surprising that you find yourself laughing under the table with a simple phrase like "Is it tasty?".

Loriot's works simply show that it requires no great themes, stories or pictures that you will be excited as a spectator. Loriot shows what is possible. He is one of my absolute favorites in the German writer and television history.

Mr. von Bulow, I tip my hat and say “thank you for your work”!

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Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Montag, 26. September 2011

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Mann mit Schirm.

Laufen, stehen bleiben, umkehren. Stadtplan raus kramen, Straßen entwirren, Ziel anpeilen. Erneutes Loslaufen, Kind um rempeln, Entschuldigung murmeln. Hastig fuchtelnde Mutter, erröten, geduckt wegschleichen. Verlaufen, Auskunft erbitten, in die Irre führen. Platz auf Parkbank ergattern, ausruhen, verzweifelt lächeln.
In der Abenddämmerung den Heimweg antreten.

A short story of a man lost in the city on a Sunday.

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

You only have to look exactly.

We walk the streets - and what do we see? We talk to our fellows - and what do we see? The old man besides us carrying his bag - and what do we see? The little girl holds in hands a big balloon – and what do we see?
Yes, this question game could be endless.
We go through the world but do we look back even once and consider exactly what we see before us or with whom we have to do it? Isn´t it a fact that most of the time we rush through our lives and really have no idea what exactly is going on around us. If we would take a few minutes, what would we see? People hurrying through the streets, lost in thoughts, drawn from stress and anxiety. Friends or acquaintances who may be worried in the heart, but they do not dare to say it. Or people who are just bubbling over with happiness, but they don´t get the chance to say it because everybody is overwhelmed with his own affairs.
It is probably quiet simple, just once to pause, to be still and open the eyes - and do it properly. You will see so much more than before with the restricted view. It's worth it.

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Montag, 19. September 2011

Singing in the rain.

Dancing with friends in the rain and just be happy. Forget for a few moments everything around you. Maybe these moments are rare, so you should enjoy and try not to forget them.

Sonntag, 18. September 2011

The dance hall is opened.

    UWAGA! (Germany and Poland)

    Snaarmaarwaar (Belgium)

Once a year the TFF (Tanz- and Folkfestival) takes place in Rudolstadt. There you can dance, dream and sing. Just fantastic. Musicians from all over the world come to present their very different styles of music throughout the city (including the castle "Heidecksburg").

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Lose yourself in photographs or What it means to look at photographs.

The photograph – only a piece of paper or specially coated carrier of information and emotions? A piece of real world or just a disposable item?
What do we see when we look at photographs? It is quite likely that there is no universal answer to this question, because ultimately it’s not just one type of photograph, not just one way of thinking. Nevertheless, one can assume that any kind of representative inventory in the cognitive system of humans triggers emotions. Just like it is a private snapshots of the little ones with their chocolate-smeared clothes and meet us grinning into faces full of happiness or the professional panoramic image of a breathtaking natural spectacle, such as a tornado in whose vortex we seem sat absorbed almost before, but then again awakened.
So what does it mean to look at photographs? They take us on a journey. Sooner or later – no matter. The main thing: we’re in! Let yourself go, go with dreaming! Because far too often we are caught in the sadness of a colorless life. It is not interesting who made these photos or who is on it. Heart goes out to live with, make yourself your own thoughts and take a piece out of pleasure with this piece of paper that holds you captive for a period of time. It’s your choice.

Freitag, 16. September 2011

The Rabbit says hello.

Inspiration is a key component in life. It makes the world more colorful, interesting and exciting. Texts and photos take a decisive role. They open the way to our own hearts and let us empathize with others’ feelings. We strum twice with the wings and we are already there. Where there is only star dust and we still caught in the dilemma of our lives. We take the pen in the hand and present the portfolio of our hearts. Writing: simple? Yes. A crazy idea: photography. See, succumbing to the feelings, far away and yet clearly located in one place. Happiness – we are in the process.

Hello! My name is Claudia. Have fun!

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