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Freitag, 28. September 2012

At Home IV.



Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Montag, 24. September 2012

A short HELLO!

    Sorry for not blogging at the moment. I´m very busy..
    I was on vacation and now I´m back at work. See you soon!

Do not know the source of the picture. SORRY!


Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Happy Birthday Rabbit!

    Hej, hej! Today my blog has BIRTHDAY! Now therabbitwithagreenbow is one year old. I´m glad
    to have my little blog! Let´s have a short review:

   This was my first post. I said "Hello" to everyone and told who I am.

    The highlights in my blog where also the highlights in my life I would say. For example the Saturday
    when there was so much snow and I had a walk through the woods with Franzi and Ann.

    In January I had an important job interview in Hamburg and I visited Leti and Sebas. At this time I    
    did not know that I will move to Hamburg only a few months later.

    I had another job interview in Berlin and visited Marja.

  In March it was time to say good bye to Janine. She moved to London. I miss her sometimes.

    Then I had to say bye bye. First to my apartment where I lived nearly 5 years...

    ...and later in May to my friends and work colleagues who made a great surprise farewell party for  

    In May I moved to Hamburg. I´m happy to be with Leti again!

    Highlight until now (for this year and the blog) was the wedding of Leti and Sebas in August.

    I´m very excited what will happen in the next few months and until next year in September.
    We will have another summary next year!

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Dienstag, 18. September 2012

My favorite blogger: Sandra Beijer.

    I´ve started reading blogs in early 2011. First it was an absolutely new experience because there was  
    so much to discover. All the unknown people who write about their lives. But very quickly most of  
    the blogs became boring to me. Except one! It´s the blog by Sandra Beijer "Niotillem". Her blog,  
    and of course herself, is authentic and it´s fun to follow her.
    Until 2 years ago she lived in Stockholm...
    ...then she moved to New York.
    She works as a copywriter in a big advertising agency...
    ...and has her own column in Sweden.
    She makes the best photos I´ve ever seen.  
    She is blogging about her life...
    ...and friends in New York.
    And also about her visits in Stockholm. Then I always wonder how pretty the people in Stockholm  
    are ;)
    I adore her posts about food. They always look very tasty.

    By the way, her favorite meal is breakfast...
    ...and she shares her presents with us or every nice incident that happen.
    Sometimes she shows her outfits. Every time she´s doing that she looks very sweet and it´s not that
    boring like in other blogs.
    Well, I could say much more about Sandra but just have a look at her blog. It is worth!
    Photos from Niotillfem!
    Thank you Sandra!


Montag, 17. September 2012

Hello Autumn!

    It feels like autumn outside and I love it! Nearly everybody thinks that I am a bit crazy when I say 
    that I like most the cold seasons, but I think cold days (and especially the days when we have big, 
    big snowflakes) are so much more filled with charm and atmosphere. I like rainy days, colored tights 
    and clothes in dark berry colors. Everything fits perfectly with autumn. Enjoy your autumn!

Source pictures: 12,345.


Samstag, 15. September 2012

Petit Fours on Friday.

    Surprise, surprise! This is what I saw when I came to work on Friday: lot´s of small cakes!!
    Because I love chocolate I was very happy as you can imagine.
    They looked so sweet and it seems that it was much work to create them.

    A sentence for a bite. Perfect job classification ;)


Montag, 10. September 2012

When I get married then...

    As you might have noticed I´m a bit crazy with weddings at the moment. I must honestly admit that I
    have not been really interested in weddings until the day when Leti and Sebas got married. Before
    this day I went to maybe 2 or 3 real weddings and I always thought that I will not get married like
    this. I think it´s great for the couples when they like their wedding parties like they are (and that´s the
    most important thing!) but I always did not understand why you have to join (or watch) games like to  
    guess which legs belong to the groom or other (for me pointless things).
    When I will get married (?) I want to have a great time with my friends and family, dance until the    
    sunlight gives me the sign that it´s time to go to bed, wearing a wonderful dress, having a bouquet
    with wildflowers (I love daisies) and NOT red roses and especially having a man that I would die for
    and who makes me smile suddenly while I´m walking through the streets, standing in a shop or  
    sitting in the bus because I have to think of him (ok and when he´s also pretty it would be perfect).
    Enjoy my wedding inspirations and see the sources below!

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