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Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Cakes and Paris.

    Hej, hej boys and girls! Tomorrow we have the first of March. Can you feel it? Spring is coming! 
    It´s time for sitting outside, eating delicious cakes and making your dreams come true.
    Sometimes I dream of being a pastry chef of a little cute cake shop in Paris. Who knows ;)

Pictures made by the wonderful Elsa.


Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

The future of my dreams.

Because I am looking forward to change places and towns soon, I was looking for some inspiration for my new home. Please enter my future:
I like it really much when you have enough space to have many pictures in frames in your hallway.
In the future I want to have a flat in an old building (in German: Altbauwohnung) with stucco and a wooden floor.
I love these kind of dolls on the right.
Having picnic in the living room, great!
I just love these flowers in summer. Do not need a perfectly mown lawn.
A swing in the garden. Oh my dreams would come true.
And of course all my friends visit me. I like it very much having my friends around me - in my apartment, garden, roof top or everywhere.

Source pictures: 1234567.


Montag, 27. Februar 2012

My weekend.

    Last week I became ill. I did not feel very well and was totally exhausted. I went home to get some
    love and care of my parents ;)
    On Friday I had semolina pudding with sugar and cinnamon.
                              My mom made orange marmelade.
    I´ve read a little bit. Now I´m informed what the stars did last time.
    On Saturday we had bean soup...
    ...and "Pfannkuchen".

    On Sunday I ate "egg with mustard sauce". I think this is the most funniest dish I know. It looks and
    sounds so strange. Well, maybe I´m the only one who thinks that ;)

    This was my weekend. I was not eating the whole time as you may think. I also had a very funny 
    walk with my dad because we made a stop in a drugstore and tested nearly every perfume they had in 
    the shop. Afterwards we smelled "very good" and maybe each person within a radius of one kilometer 
    could smell us.


Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

A day in Leipzig.

    Yesterday I made a trip to Leipzig to visit some friends. It was such a lovely day with talking,  
    walking, watching, eating and drinking.
    At the main station in Leipzig I saw this wonderful tulips and had to take a photo. It absolutely
    looks like spring!
    We went to a café called "Café Central". They have much bio-food. Great stuff I think.
    I had chocolate milk. What else!
    Carrot-ginger soup.

    The interior is great. There you find many different lamps.
    For lunch/dinner we went to a japanese restaurant.
    I had "Ramen" with coconut milk, some vegetables, coriander and peanuts.

    After our delicious meal we had a little walk through the town and went to the cinema to watch
    the French film "Ziemlich beste Freunde" (Intouchables). After the movie, we had a short stop in an
    English pub and then it was time to go home by train. Unfortunately, I am ill now - a cold, AGAIN.


Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

A pleasant conversation with my dentist.

    Yesterday afternoon I met up with Kristin. She´s a good friend of mine and also my dentist (the best
    dentist I ever had!). We went to a sweet little café called "danson koffie". I like the atmosphere there:
    calm and relaxing. Great place to have conversations about future plans and funny episodes from the  
    past. Also they have a great interior: in the style of the 40s.


Montag, 20. Februar 2012

The first flowers at home.

    Today I bought myself flowers. These white-pink tulips are the first flowers which I bought for my
    home this year. I like the soft color.


Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Spring is not far away.

    I am just back from my little walk today and what did I see? The first early bloomers! 
    Suddenly I thought of the spring last year with all it´s daisies...
                             ....and daffodils...
                              ....wearing short trousers while dreaming in the sun...
    ...or sitting in the garden and holding melting ice cream in your hands.


Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Tomatoes and jamón español.

    Yesterday evening after work Franzi visited me. First we had cake and later we had tomato mozzarella
    salad with baguette and spanish jamón. I was in the mood to do something cozy and calm because I
    was not feeling that happy yesterday. But you always have to see the sunny things in life and nearly
    nothing can be so bad that you lost your mind into the grey clouds of every day life. Today I´m feeling
                             Keep your eyes open wide for the new adventures in your life!


Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

A Sunday in the snow.

    Last Sunday I had an invitation for lunch at my sister´s place. She lives in a small village, has a great
    house with a beautiful garden and lot´s of snow.

    My niece.

    My sweet nephew. Here you see some lovely pictures with him and his best/girl friend (because 
    today is Valentines day). Happy Valentine to you all!!!

More winter pics here and here.

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