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Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

My list of 2011.

Was the year the way you´ve expected it?

Yes and no. I am absolutely happy and proud that I finished my studies that well. I have never expected that. Actually, I wanted to live and work in Stockholm since November this year. But it has not happened yet. And honestly I do not know if it will happen. I am a little bit sad... But in general I am satsified and very happy that I have everything what I need.

Four events that have been good this year:

1. Each passed exam and at the end my graduation in June.
2. My blog opening In September.
3. My photo-shooting for my applications with Jeanne

4. My Christmas party was really great.

Three events that have been worse this year:

1. My aunt died because of cancer.
2. That I´m still living in Germany and not in Stockholm.
3. That I still have not find another job that fits better to my education, skills and interests.

What have you learned this year?

That my family and friends are the best and that I can rely on them.

Did you do anything this year that you've never done before?

I made a boat trip through Hamburg with my friends. It was just perfect!

What is the most beautiful thing you got this year? 

I like all my Christmas presents. But it´s always nice to receive presents and therefore all gifts are beautiful. I also loved all my Christmas cards and calendars which I got for Christmas time.

What clothes did you use most? 

My blue skirt in summer.

My black suede shoes and blue coat in autumn and winter (I already bought my coat in London in 2009, but still love it.)

What was your biggest success in 2011? 

My graduation. I have never expected that it would be so good.

Best buy?

My blue skirt.

For what you spent the most money?

For food I think.

What was the best you´ve read?

I had to read so, so much for my studies. Fortunately, most of it was very interesting. In addition, I loved my Swedish book. In April I started to learn the language and it was fun to go through the chapters and to understand more and more.

What did you do on your birthday in 2011?

Unfortunately, I had my final exam at my birthday. My parents picked me up after my exam and we drank coffee and ate cake. In the evening some friends visited me and we had a little party.

Got the list from Sandra. Thank you!


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