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Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Annett, Corinna and Marianne.

The same procedure as every year. Every year after Christmas my very good friends Annett and Corinna visit me in my parents house. To see each other in this constellation is very seldom. I am so happy to have these girls. We know each other since school times and therefore they are my best friends. It does not matter for how long we have not seen because from the first second we meet again it´s like in school days. Sometimes it really hurts the body that I can not see the girls so often but that´s how life goes.
    This wonderful present I received from Corinna.
    Corinna and Annett.

    Corinna gave to me this really nice Christmas tree ball.

                             Santa brought Annett those socks. I think she was really happy with her present.

    I think these are the world´s best stamps. So cute!
    I showed my photo album from 1998. In this year we made a class trip to Italia. Oh we laughed a lot
   - then and now.
                             Let me introduce you to Marianne. That was my gift to Corinna. It´s a mannequin
                             which I bought at work.


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