the rabbit with a green bow

Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

23. and 24. December in pictures.

Hello and welcome to my days of Christmas. I already want to start with 23rd December because I did not work and had free time.
    On 23. December of course, of course I watched Alice in Wonderland and ate my last chocolate
    apple in this year.
    In the evening I met up with my very good friends Annett and Stephan. It was so great to see them
    again! Annett gave to me a wonderful present: a book for recipes, a notebook and belgian chocolate.
    Stephan gave to me a very nice self made Christmas card. Thank you!
                              Annett wanted to be Pope.
    The restaurant were we met was beautifully decorated. Very cozy and warm with Christmas music.
    And here we are: Christmas Eve!
    For lunch we had a delicious soup. I could die for soups. My mom makes the best ones.
    In the evening we had raclette with many things as you see. And there were almost more.
    We watched "Der Haustyrann"(1959) with Heinz Erhardt. I love his acting and simple humor.
                              This is what I looked yesterday. My new green dress...
                             ...and my gold and glittering Christmas bow.



  1. Richtig schön gemütlich und weihnachtlich ...

    Welches Restaurant ist das gewesen ?



  2. Hallo Sandra,
    wir waren in der "Hammermühle" in Stadtroda. Wirklich sehr gemütlich dort!


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