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Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

25. and 26. December in pictures.

    And here we start. It´s Christmas time!
                              This is what I looked like on 25. December. I think that I look terrible on photos most
                              of the time. Therefore you will find only some of me in the blog.
    For lunch we had duck with dumplings.
                              On 26. December my sister with her family visited my parents.
    In the afternoon it was time for gifts. My nephew was really excited...
                             ...and my niece, too.
    Then it was time to play with the model railways from my Dad. (Santa has brought a
    drill to my nephew. I think this was the best present for him.)
    Jeremia is dreaming a bit...
    There is always so much to discover.
                             My niece has so nice hair.
                             Every time I see her I am a bit jealous.
    Oh what´s this?
    Alice in Wonderland of course.
    We had apple pie in the evening.

For me Christmas was great like every year. I am a bit sad that time passed by so fast. But next year there will be Christmas again ;)


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