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Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Wishlist for 2013.

I like the idea of having a wishlist for Christmas or rather for the new year. Last year my list looked like this. Now I realized that my list will look different this year. It´s not that I want special material things like last year. I just want to have 5 things for being happy. Unfortunately I recognized that I am feeling little bit sad at the moment. There are some things that are not working that well. But also I know that I have everything what I need and do not really have a reason for feeling this way. Well, therefore keep smiling! Here are the things I want to reach next year:

            I want to travel! First pic is Stockholm, the next two pics are New York and Paris.
    Well, New York is impossible I think. I hope I can visit my friend Janine in London. Then I´m
                      I want to be happy and satisfied at work.
                     I really want to spend more time with my friends!

             I want to live on my own again. I miss my stuff. I do not have a lot of things but even the little
             things are important to me and almost everything is packed in boxes in my hometown.
             Nevertheless I like my sweet little room in Hamburg!
                   I want to spend Christmas with my family and friends as every year.

I think it´s not much and very basic things. Therefore I am convinced I will manage it!

First 4 and last 2 pics are from my Pinterest boards


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