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Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Instagram pics.

    I am using an iPhone 5 now. It´s my first smart phone and I like it. As you can imagine I am  
    fascinated with all the camera stuff and of course INSTAGRAM ♥.  
    Let´s have a look at my pics from the last 2 weeks. Last Thursday I had to say goodbye to my old 
    job at the online magazine and I received this wonderful flowers and the rosa cup from my 
    colleagues. I liked it a lot.
    At the weekend I cooked a carrot-potato-ginger-soup and about 2 weeks ago I was invited for a 
    Mexican dinner.
    On monday I started my new job at the advertising agency and yesterday I met up with this duck.
    At the weekend I went out and had a milkshake at a cute bar.
    I am rabbitgreenbow on instagram.


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