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Montag, 10. September 2012

When I get married then...

    As you might have noticed I´m a bit crazy with weddings at the moment. I must honestly admit that I
    have not been really interested in weddings until the day when Leti and Sebas got married. Before
    this day I went to maybe 2 or 3 real weddings and I always thought that I will not get married like
    this. I think it´s great for the couples when they like their wedding parties like they are (and that´s the
    most important thing!) but I always did not understand why you have to join (or watch) games like to  
    guess which legs belong to the groom or other (for me pointless things).
    When I will get married (?) I want to have a great time with my friends and family, dance until the    
    sunlight gives me the sign that it´s time to go to bed, wearing a wonderful dress, having a bouquet
    with wildflowers (I love daisies) and NOT red roses and especially having a man that I would die for
    and who makes me smile suddenly while I´m walking through the streets, standing in a shop or  
    sitting in the bus because I have to think of him (ok and when he´s also pretty it would be perfect).
    Enjoy my wedding inspirations and see the sources below!

Source pictures: 1, 234, 5, 678, 9



  1. Para mi la boda de Sebas y Leti también marcó una diferencia en lo que a bodas se refiere. TODO estaba cuidadísimo... pero no por ello me entran ganas de casarme :P
    Por otro lado, viendo las fotos que has elegido intuyo que te decantas por vestido corto.
    Eso si, indispensable, que creo que te has olvidado de él, el candy bar :P

    1. Creo que un vestido corto sería bueno para mi, porque no estoy tan grande y además es mejor para bailar ;)
      Sí, sí necesito (!) und candy bar!!! :)


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