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Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Happy Birthday Rabbit!

    Hej, hej! Today my blog has BIRTHDAY! Now therabbitwithagreenbow is one year old. I´m glad
    to have my little blog! Let´s have a short review:

   This was my first post. I said "Hello" to everyone and told who I am.

    The highlights in my blog where also the highlights in my life I would say. For example the Saturday
    when there was so much snow and I had a walk through the woods with Franzi and Ann.

    In January I had an important job interview in Hamburg and I visited Leti and Sebas. At this time I    
    did not know that I will move to Hamburg only a few months later.

    I had another job interview in Berlin and visited Marja.

  In March it was time to say good bye to Janine. She moved to London. I miss her sometimes.

    Then I had to say bye bye. First to my apartment where I lived nearly 5 years...

    ...and later in May to my friends and work colleagues who made a great surprise farewell party for  

    In May I moved to Hamburg. I´m happy to be with Leti again!

    Highlight until now (for this year and the blog) was the wedding of Leti and Sebas in August.

    I´m very excited what will happen in the next few months and until next year in September.
    We will have another summary next year!

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  1. Muchísimas felicidades bloggeras!! :D Espero que sigas con el blog tan bien como va a día de hoy :). 1 kisazo


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