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Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

You only have to look exactly.

We walk the streets - and what do we see? We talk to our fellows - and what do we see? The old man besides us carrying his bag - and what do we see? The little girl holds in hands a big balloon – and what do we see?
Yes, this question game could be endless.
We go through the world but do we look back even once and consider exactly what we see before us or with whom we have to do it? Isn´t it a fact that most of the time we rush through our lives and really have no idea what exactly is going on around us. If we would take a few minutes, what would we see? People hurrying through the streets, lost in thoughts, drawn from stress and anxiety. Friends or acquaintances who may be worried in the heart, but they do not dare to say it. Or people who are just bubbling over with happiness, but they don´t get the chance to say it because everybody is overwhelmed with his own affairs.
It is probably quiet simple, just once to pause, to be still and open the eyes - and do it properly. You will see so much more than before with the restricted view. It's worth it.

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