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Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

„Früher war mehr Lametta“ ("In the past there was more tinsel" – actually not translational)- an outstanding German writer, comedian and illustrator said Goodbye

Loriot (Bernard Victor (Vicco) Christoph Carl von Bülow) died at the age of 87 on August 22th, 2011. He leaves numerous sketches, illustrations, cartoons and lots of wonderful characters and funny quotes which will never be forgotten.
What makes his work so attractive? It is the simplicity of his language and the things he makes to the subject of his work. Nobody brings a typical German word like "carpet" to better advantage or makes a roulade to the main part of a sketch. And it does not matter whether you read this magnificent piece of German language art in book form or let it flicker across the screen.
There are the ordinary things of life that can probably can happen to any of us. Mr. von Bulow tried, for example, in the second episode of his TV Edition, to straighten a crooked picture. Unfortunately, not with a convincing success, because then the entire room is devastated. Not to mention the discussion of the cooking time of the egg for breakfast or the question of the appropriate wardrobe. It is not surprising that you find yourself laughing under the table with a simple phrase like "Is it tasty?".

Loriot's works simply show that it requires no great themes, stories or pictures that you will be excited as a spectator. Loriot shows what is possible. He is one of my absolute favorites in the German writer and television history.

Mr. von Bulow, I tip my hat and say “thank you for your work”!

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