the rabbit with a green bow

Samstag, 3. März 2012

We have sunshine!

    I just want to wish you all a very nice weekend! We have sun!! Unfortunately, I have to work nearly 
    the whole day but with a bit luck people are nice to me ;) and tomorrow the weather will be as nice as 
    today and I can enjoy it.
    I know the picture maybe looks a bit strange for my theme today but I like it.


  1. Jijijiji... I was going to ask what was that? It looks as something with poppy seeds in it. Tell us what was it! :D

  2. Yes Thomas and Rita it´s stracciatella yoghurt! :) with poppy seeds! And it´s really delicious.
    Conoces algo así en España, Rita?

  3. No, no poppy seeds in Spain :( and I love that crunchyness so much!!. We do have stracciatella yogurt, but it's no very popular.


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