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Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

My love ten years ago: Incubus.

    Going back in time can be a fantastic state of mind. It brings so much great feelings back and right  
    now I´m absolutely happy about it. My friend Claudia reminded me of Incubus. These guys and their  
    music are so good. Ten years ago I was listen to it constantly. I was a little bit addicted to it. 
    Well, and then there´s Brandon Boyd, the singer of the band. I know that lot´s of girls are in love with 
    him and little bit like crazy with this man. I never felt something like this. Ten years ago, when I   
    started listen to Incubus, I was absolutely in love with a great guy and for a long time everything was   
    just fine in our relationship. So, I needed no other boy. But ok, I am not blind. Brandon is really, really  
    hot and I have to say that he´s the kind of man I like: he has a little bit longer hair, there´s a bit beard  
    (but not too much), he has some tattoos (but do not need it "on" a guy, but he looks great with it) and  
    he is artistically gifted. My friend Tilo calls my taste in men: "used" (He said that I love "used" 
    looking men). I love this term for me because it´s so right! In a special way Brandon (and the music of  
    the band) reminds me on my boyfriend ten years ago.
    But enough. Here we are! Some pictures of the band and Brandon:
    I´m obsessed with this black and white photo of the band. Ten years ago I copied it from a magazine  
    and hung it on the wall. I love it!
Listen to "Drive" (Los Angeles, 2011):

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